A Woman in Her Prime

There is a lovely old novel about a school teacher, set in England pre WW2 . The main character is a Miss Jean Brodie and well  … in her prime. The book is called ‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’ by Muriel Spark and it is deliciously discussed here in an episode of The First Tuesday Book Club. The wonderful Maggie Smith, a woman forever in her prime, stared in the movie in 1969.

We never do get to learn Miss Brodie’s age – when queried she would simply state ‘why, I’m in my prime’ and one suspects she has been saying this for many decades. I like the idea of being in my prime … which of course is the age you are now…

Our mother (pictured here) has always maintained that she is ’21 and a bit’, and while she doesn’t state that she is in her prime in so many words, you know that is what she’s thinking! That’s not our father with her, but Dennis from Co Kerry, Ireland. Together on a horse and trap through the Gap of Dunloe he kept us (aunty mod and me) amused telling funny stories, and trying to get his arm around mum – ‘Sure, only to be keeping you warm Mary’.

So now I have hit my 50’s I am taking on the mantle of Miss Jean Brodie. I am in my prime – and putting that thought foremost gives you leave to do practically anything. Being in my prime, I’ve taken up basketball again (shot 20 points last game), planned a rafting trip with a couple of the aunties and partners, founded a company 15 Trees and joined the Collingwood Footy Club (I know… I know!).

Being in my prime I’ve started buying flimsy sandals again, but might stop short of flimsy dresses – I may be in my prime but I am not completely delusional!  Being in my prime, I rarely say no to something that sounds fun. I don’t let cold weather and lack of car parking stop me anymore. Being in my prime means stepping up to be counted and considered.

Being in our prime is a mindset we girls need to develop and encourage. Very much in the vein of Miss Jean Brodie, and our mother too!

Auntie Darling.

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