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Persimmon chutney making…                                              

It’s such an aunty thing to do in winter isn’t it? Well adventure for the taste buds is still an adventure girls…

Making chutney, which I’d never done before! For those of you who do not know what a persimmon is, and hey, that was me until I googled persimmon, the only reason I did that was because a tree in my garden started fruiting for the first time, and, we’ve been here 6 years-so my chef friend came over to identify the fruit (stay with me, I’m getting to the point) and provide me with a recipe…. anyway I digress!

Persimmon is a delicate oriental fruit originating from China. There are several types of persimmon, the one in my garden sort of has an appley texture, slightly sweet and is nice with cheese. They are a funny looking, squashed heart shape and color varies from light yellow to dark orange-red and have quite large seeds. Apparently high in vitamin C and other anti-oxidants…all good stuff!

I nervously approached the chutney making task by shopping for pretty little jars and a few bits & bobs then, when I could no longer procrastinate, finally set to it! It is so easy, I couldn’t believe it. Once all the ingredients were in the pot, I just had to watch it mush up and start looking like, errr, chutney!

Of course I always love a steaming cauldron. Amazing, so easy, & satisfying, in an earthy mothering kind of way… try it there are loads of recipes online, can’t remember where we found mine, more whiskey anyone, one for me one for the pot as we say…


Aunty Beads xx

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