New Camera Baby

Babies can be electronic…  I had always loved playing around with cameras from an early age, moving through instamatic and landing in the digital age with a camera so small I kept losing it.

A couple of years ago I purchased a larger camera (because larger is better) and even did a  course to get the best out of it, and me.  Didn’t happen.

Wanting to ‘fast track’ the learning, there was nothing else to do but to head to the next level – my current baby.  I purchased an 18mp twin lens digital SLR camera and named her ‘Cammie’.

So many questions; how do I look after the baby, how do I keep it clean, which carry bag is best, what temperatures will baby survive in, how do I protect her lens.  Is it so different from the other babies I had been tempted by?
I ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at pictures Cammie takes and expect my friends to do the same.  I revel in the automatic things it does.  I left it the car (one time only) and had distant pangs. Baby should not be left in the back of a car or boot! But what about when it’s raining!
We continue to learn together, Cammie is good company and loves going out.   Work colleagues also have new babies and we have formed a group to talk over issues and brag about results.  Gotta love the electronic baby…
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  1. Aunty Beads says:

    this morning Aunty Verve was in my garden taking pics of my weeds??? I found this very strange….

  2. Aunty Lush says:

    cammie – cute name. need some more pics aunty.

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