Dilettante or Demented?

Why not both? I am heading off to the launch of the MIFF programme, like the opening of an envelope only better, this is about the launch of a list of films… but really – what to wear?

It’s a very cool Melbourne event that is a lead up to the Opening Night of MIFF, an even cooler Melbourne event. Oh dear goddess, two outfits? Maybe the same one? Will anyone but me care?

Do I do black cool ‘I couldn’t care any less darling’? Do I do hip cool ’50’s is where it’s still at people’? Do I do designer cool ‘I can’t sit down or go to the loo’? Do I do cool comfortable (no such thing… surely). Do I do cool but me, designed really only to roll the eyeballs of people offended by my very presence?

Do I do an Aunty Lush and ensure both hands have a glass of bubblies? (doesn’t matter what she wears – fabulous talk)

Do I do an Aunty Verve and wear what I like? (I’m fabulous, everyone else can be shit then)

Do I do an Aunty Darling and go with home spun optimism? (fabulous and talented)

Do I do an Aunty Beads and spend months of planning to do ‘fabulous’? (no kids and always fabulous)

As Aunty Mod I have two options:

  1. buy vintage then spend a fortune fixing and dry cleaning
  2. buy a 50s vogue pattern and spend a fortune having it made up…

Both options leave me with an ‘I can’t afford it’ defense – look away, look away… nothing to see here. Isn’t it funny that the voice in your head says ‘No-one one will be looking at you!’ while the voice in your heart is saying ‘Time to go to town’. Looks like I’m heading to town… see ya


Aunty Mod


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3 Responses to “Dilettante or Demented?”
  1. Aunty Mod says:

    UPDATE – I went in a beautiful vintage white silk skirt, black silk polka dot shirt, white stockings and black velvet shoes… sat in the dark to listen to the speeches and watch some trailers and then it was all over… Aunty Mod

  2. Aunty Beads says:

    sounds gorgeous, did you see anyone you liked better than yourself?

  3. Aunty Mod says:

    Not one Aunty Beads, not one… it was too bloody dark as we sat watching the screen flicker to life, then the lobby was packed and couldn’t really see what anyone was wearing…

    It was FAB ulous

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