Our Girl Jill

Last week I arose to a quiet house, no alarm, sun gently twinkling at the curtain corners. I stretched warm and comfortable in the knowledge I had plenty of time to attend to my ‘mind of its own’ hair before alighting the train, with dignity and aplomb for the journey to the big smoke.

FUCK… a quick glance at the red menacing light on the bed-table told me alarm was long gone and the only time left needed to be devoted to panic. Shit, shit shit… grabbed my gear, threw on some clothes, remembered to grab the lamp my son desperately needed to be delivered rather than pick up himself… and jumped in the car for speed ride to the station. I felt like a shadow of myself (check the hair).

I had five minutes to spare when I took this shot of the now abandoned train building thingy. Not even time to get an awful milky tea from the shoddy, ambitiously titled ‘Dining Room’. Found a seat near the front of the train (gets you there quicker), and was grateful the train wasn’t packed to the gills with smelly sniffling humanity. Then Jill sat down in front.

The fuzzled brain reacted very slowly, more slowly than I would have liked as Jill said ‘Hello Gorgeous. Oh my gosh you’ll hate that I’ve sat here. Am I disturbing you? I wouldn’t want to disturb you. Oh are you going to need to work?’ she said as her eyes took in my laptop, backpack, lamp, camera bag, hand bag, mobile and also the very blank look on my face.
I knew what I was in for… the quickest train ride ever as Jill was about to regale me with a story of shit that could only ever happen to her.

I cracked a smile… all she needed to settle in and begin the regale. Jill’s adventures have brought her to create such terms as ‘roll up carpet memory’ and ‘cocktail party ear’, and while she can literally talk the leg off a stool, she is utterly entertaining while doing it. Jill. With perfect dimples, and shining eyes that make you feel like you are the only person in the world. Next Episode ‘Jill and the Pudding Doll’


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  1. Goldie says:

    Isn’t it funny on trains, usually too many people and too long a trip, but trains are brilliant for story-telling!

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