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We constantly hear about the benefits of organic foods in our diet, ‘organic’ in skincare is still a bit ‘new’ and sometimes I wonder if a lot of the ‘spin’ is lining the pockets of marketers. So I did some research and here are a few tips you may find handy when tiptoeing through the (organic) tulips!!

Be aware that many organic products have a short shelf life, can be costly and can include a lot of citrus ingredients (which can be skin irritants). As the industry is not properly regulated yet, I suggest you look for organic product with this logo:

Products labeled with the Australian Certified Organic ‘Bud’ logo are 95% organic, minimum. FYI this is the highest international standard.  Consumers are protected from misleading claims. What? Misleading claims in the cosmetics industry….really? It’s reassuring to know that products with this logo are audited throughout the production chain, to meet strict standards.

There are a multitude of companies singing their own praises, but offer little information aside from scare mongering, and (shock, horror) trying to sell you something! There are many international ‘organic’ certifications; some require as little as 5% organic ingredients, so, check those out. Now, of course, there will be some wonderful companies out there who can’t afford to go through the certification process….geez, and this is the tip of the ice-berg in contradictions!

A bit of extra info to help you narrow down some of the ingredients mumbo jumbo; all skincare products must have an ingredients list in descending order of their quantity. Roughly divide the label into 3; the top third will be 90-95% of the ingredients, the middlethird 5-8% the final third will contain about 1-3%.

Do your homework; research ingredients, identify any ingredients (and perhaps some companies) you may wish to avoid.


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