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After a long drive to Sydney from home, I felt super sluggish and knew I had to get the body moving. Exercise is a real motivator for me and I knew how much better I would feel after a brisk walk.

I set off in the lovely late Autumn afternoon sunshine and was getting up a fair pace, breathing deeply, filling my lungs, pleasant thoughts flooding my mind as the endorphins went to work.

A car full of young men approached me. Okay, I was feeling blissful (pink), in a state of nirvana, ready for the obligatory wolf whistles.

As they neared, one of the boys leaned out of the car window and shouted “Hey, you have to run if you want to lose weight you know”.

Hrrrmmpphh…  I know that… Who doesn’t know that… But I was after fitness, not weight loss right, well not now, not at this minute, how dare they, don’t they get it, pink was turning to red.  Easy for them; hiding in their car, but how to respond?  Back in control, I gently tapped the palm of my hand on my forehead and replied  “Oh, of course, what was I thinking – thank you”. There was a quizzical glance and they were gone.

Sometimes it’s easier to let it go. Even if someone is stating the bleeding obvious it may be totally irrelevant in the situation. It reminded me of the story where a man was been asked by passengers on a train to please control his children who were being noisy and running about. He quietly replied that he had just come from the hospital where his wife had died and he didn’t know how to tell their children. Perspective.

I went back into my pink, upbeat world and continued on my beautiful walk. I enjoyed every bit of my hard earned beer afterwards. This morning, walking back at home, a couple of guys tooted and waved – what a good way to start the day. Rosy pink. What’s your colour?


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  1. Siobhan says:

    I remember going out for a drink with a girlfriend one night, as we were leaving some young boys (honestly they looked about 15) said…’too old’ and had a laugh (we were early 30’s at the time, totally in our prime), they were so shocked when we said ‘oh no, you are too young’ and laughed our asses off!! Do you remember when being called ‘too young’ was offensive??? hahahaha

  2. Erin says:

    Colour me red baby… its feisty, its wild, its energy, its love, its lust … its red…

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