Red in the Face…

I don’t live on a high horse like some of my sisters, however I’m happy to make the climb to my high horse when required. I do like things to be a little bit real so when I saw a Red Rooster ad recently I raised one eyebrow until it hurt.

The ad shows a woman about to start demolishing an inside wall in a house with a (big) hammer (get correct name here).  Decked out in all the home renovation fashion, complete with safety goggles and steel-capped boots,  she winds up to take a swing.  The hammer bounces off the wall, barely making a dint and she has a celebratory hand slap with her accomplice.  First cringe moment.

The next scene shows her sitting down and rewarding herself with a big a bucket of chicken.  “WHAT DID SHE DO?” I asked my daughter, who in turn raised her own eyebrow.  “Mum it’s only an ad”. “Yes, well, I’d be sacked for doing a job like that let alone having the audacity to take a break! I’d sack someone for doing that!”

“Mum, it’s only an ad!” Daughter’s eyebrow arched again, no point in arguing with her now it said.

What got me mad?  The reinforcement of an old notion that women really can’t do such physical work. What a load of bunk. This is marketing to our young people who really haven’t felt the full force of discrimination and don’t fully understand what our forebears went through.

I know its only an ad, but c’mon Red Rooster at least make it funny if nothing else. We can laugh at ourselves. Get your act together….. Women buy 95% of  a households food, make 95% of the households financial decisions,  have huge influence on changes in technology, so you wouldn’t want to make us angry… would you?


Aunty Verve

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8 Responses to “Red in the Face…”
  1. Aunty Beads says:

    would you like some sugar cubes for that high horse of yours???

  2. Aunty Mod says:

    Who’s on a high horse? I can’t see you from up here…

  3. Aunty Lush says:

    was the chicken delivered or did her accomplice go through the ‘drive thru’… I know that aunty mod lurves chicken from their competitors – KFC I believe…

    • Aunty Mod says:

      OMG do you remember what happened? I can’t even hear (because I close my eyes) a KFC ad without baulking… eeeerrrrrwwwwhhhh

  4. aunty lush says:

    oh yes I do…. still can’t do the drive-by without thinking about it 🙂

  5. Shelley says:

    Um, Aunty Verve, a bit of chill would go a long way……

    • Siobhan says:


    • Aunty Mod says:

      it takes a bit to get her mad… but she is unstoppable when she is… I remember when she was about 23 and had an afro hairdo, yes an afro, de rigor in the 70s, and Dad cracked a joke at her expense… she accidentally on purpose didn’t talk to him for three days… or did she leave home? can’t remember, must have been too young…

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