The Competitive Nature of Us

There is a competitive/compulsive side to our family. Sometimes obvious, extravert almost, and other times just an inner challenge that no one knows or would even care to know.  Here are some starters …

Yesterday, on an early morning walk, I saw another walker in front of megoing at a good pace.  The challenge was on and I accelerated.  I felt the thrill of the chase as I lengthened my stride and her dog looked over it’s shoulder at me. I didn’t seem to be making up too much ground but then she had to stop for the dog… yes… my chance… my breath quickened and my cheeks grew pink. But she only stopped momentarily then was off again.

Her long strides were definitely a match for mine. Almost running I was closing in for the kill, I overtook her with just seconds to spare before turning into my street. Okay I did thrust out my chest, but that’s fair. I smiled and nodded in her direction whilst pondering  whether I would have turned for home had I not passed her. Hmm, not so sure. I looked up and saw the man across the street…

I learned recently our mother does the same thing.

Our two brothers, determined to take pride of place on the photo wall at home, had a photo taken, printed large and framed with our Dad. It now takes up almost the entire wall above the couch, the rest of the family pushed to the side. And what’s worse, MUM let them!  The aunties are still plotting revenge on that one.

Aunty Darling has family parties where our Irish family has a ‘dance-off’ with her husband Albert’s Italian family. Diddly-diddly or the Tarantula, we do it all, swapping cultures along the way.

When talking to Aunty Beads the other day I was commenting on a radio program where I had heard of people turning around toilet rolls on holders so that the user takes the new sheets from the top of the roll. I confessed that I do that too sometimes.  Beads replied,” Oh dear, me too, but I add the hotel corners”.  Whilst it is tempting I have not succumbed, but I think of Aunty Beads often.

Oh yes, and Aunty Lush? Meri and Kevin-oh-seven were my friends first!

As for Aunty Mod, well some people you cannot compete with!

What do you or your family do – secretly or overtly?


Aunty Verve

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3 Responses to “The Competitive Nature of Us”
  1. Aunty Beads says:

    well, I don’t do hotel corners all time….but glad you now ponder this ettiquette situation.daily.

  2. Colleen says:

    I need to say I’ve never ever noticed the orientation of the toilet roll. I’m just happy that there are some sheets left and I’m not left to ‘drip dry’.

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