The Deadly Sins of Networking

Deadly Sins of Networking # 1

You may have skipped lunch knowing that the meeting is at 5.00pm and from memory it is always well catered. Perfect you can fill up there!
Noooo. You simply do not have enough hands to be holding onto your business cards, glass of red wine and four sushi rolls. You just come off looking like a juggler (and NOT one from ‘cirque du soleil’) trying to manage too many objects while trying not to dip your car keys into the soy sauce.  The sticky green seaweed gets stuck between your teeth while the red wine gives them a lovely shade of pink.

Shaking hands with a potential new client while holding a honey soy chicken wing – what are you thinking? Keep away from any meat, egg and asparagus products (Jim Carey anyone?) or any food that needs two hands and good face wipe after eating.

Keep yourself nice, stick to one glass of sparkling white wine or mineral water and look for the waiter with the simple delicate one month-full appetizers. Just don’t choke.

As you can see this seasoned networker (aunty lush) has no room to hold a business card, let alone attempt a handshake. However, I think she is trying to wave with her little finger while giving the thumbs up – top marks for effort.

More sins to come

Aunty Darling

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  1. kezablanka says:

    food is rather hard to consume whilst networking – you’re always worrying about the flaky pastry left on your lips or the bread stuck between your teeth – drinking helps …. so long as you don’t overdo it and fall off your high heels !

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