She’s So Vain…

You know those things your mother does that you think I’m never going to do? Then you find yourself in the change room looking at your hair not the outfit you are trying on? That’s Mary O’Leary… and it turns out so am I.

I am an exercise nutter. I’ve been a member at my gym for a decade (got my silver star key-ring last year) and have been attempting a Saturday morning yoga session at the ungodly hour of 7.30am in a freezing country hall for almost three years. But it wasn’t until today that I had a revelation and realised why I really love yoga.

Yes, it does make me feel better after a session, but that is not the reason. And yes I am probably a little healthier and have lost some weight over the years, but that too is not the reason. And maybe my cholesterol has come down a notch from the low side of high but again that is not the real reason.

I love to exercise because of the gear!

Where else can a woman in her prime wear tight black pants and a clingy t-shirt, groovy toenail polish that matches the trim on her top? And the yoga pants are so lovely I wear them not only on the yoga mat but most of the time at home. I‘ve just discovered Lulumon yoga gear and have now upgraded to two pairs.  Lulu yoga pants are not cheap and as I also need to make the trip to the big smoke, I need to add a train ticket and lunch money to the price. But the gear is so fabulous. Honestly, I pop them on and can’t help running my hands up and down my thighs!

So, while exercise and yoga is good for my health, for me the benefits are psychological. I feel good, I get to wear clothes that I used to wear in my 20’s and while I still can’t manage a full-arm balance unassisted, nor remain in a head stand for longer than four minutes (Iyengar yoga is tricky), I am happy to promote the stereotype that ’those who have the newest yoga gear look good but can’t do yoga for nuts!’.

*bowing low*

Aunty Darling

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