What would you do if…

… the driver of the car in front of you had a seizure?

Having been a First Aider for about 10 years, I’ve never had to use it. Until yesterday.

My hubby Stephen, also a first aider (who weirdly, and for no real reason, had just been reading the First Aid booklet in the glove box), and I were traveling back from the coast, when we came upon an unfolding emergency.

The  driver in the car in front of us had an epileptic seizure, and, unlike TV shows, we found that out a bit later. The passenger had managed to stop the car, climb over the driver and was pulling him from the vehicle.

We stopped our car, while Stephen ran over to assist; I put on hazard lights, found my phone and dialed 000. This was a really confronting and full-on situation; I was relieved that, thanks to our First Aid training, we knew what to. Stephen managed the patient whilst I managed the scene, both crucial to contain an emergency situation. And, to be honest the patient was not looking too flash, I can see how things can quickly get out of control.

Lots of people were stopping to offer assistance, meanwhile another passerby was calling an ambulance without asking us ANY vital questions such as; have you called an ambulance? what is the situation? what is the injury etc.

The information given to emergency operators is vital and these are the types of things you learn in First Aid. There are important, time saving and potentially lifesaving procedures. The tenth person who stopped had medical expertise, and arrived at the same time of the ambulance. Thankfully the patient was okay.

An emergency happens really quickly. I hope that should I need help, a First Aid person is handy, check it out st john ambulance.


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  1. Aunty Darling says:

    I so need to get my first aide updated – XX

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