What’s in a bag? Everything…

A woman’s relationship with her bag is complicated, literally full of personal baggage. When we plaintively proclaim, “what will I wear” (for it’s a statement, not a question)… we include ‘the bag’ in that, not specifically mentioned mind you, but implicit.

Some women can play the bag field with ease, switching, proudly, between bags. I’m old school, use one until you are done, and then, and only then, move on.

I have been using a very faithful brown leather satchel style bag for three years. It was a long relationship, love at first sight. Stylish, functional, enough space, lovely long across the body strap… We were made for each other. The end came eventually, not one particular moment, no arguments, just a general falling out of love, I had changed and grown, my bag had not… such a shame, we were really great together.

I felt the need to update… But how? I was so out of practice… And I had so been in love… it felt wrong…

I had to go to the font of all bag knowledge… Mum. She told me in no uncertain terms: “Bag attachment is dangerous darling, it will limit freedom and fashionable women simply cannot contain themselves or their ‘look’ to one bag… REGARDLESS!”

She went on… “There are different kinds of bags; handbags, and evening bags, bag-bags, work-bags, purse bags, meeting bags, lunch bags, not to mention the summer and winter bag. How many bags do you keep?”

I didn’t understand the question; I was still thinking about the seasonal bag phenomenon… “Where have you been girl? I brought you up better than that.”

She continued… “Consider what you carry! If it’s just lipstick, cash and keys go for a purse bag. If you carry a purse and phone as well, then it’s a bag-bag you are after no doubt. If it’s hands-free shopping, and it should be darling, then you certainly need a small front pocket and across body strap. Let’s go.”

She took me to her favourite bag shop, and introduced me to the owner, who welcomed her by name. I tried on a couple to no avail “Too boring, too brown, too square, too small” Mum said, “but what about this one?”

She held up a lovely black bag with a beautiful embroidered 70s style scene on the front. “Too big” I said to her. “Just try it on” she said. I did and it was love at first sight. I have now accepted I am our mothers daughter, and I am a bag-girl, but how soon is too soon to start looking for another bag?

love Aunty Mod

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  1. Erin says:

    I love the saying from Emily Wright talking about her ‘bag’ usage – “I keep it til I’m ashamed of it”

  2. Aunty Verve says:

    What’s not …?!

  3. Aunty Mod says:


  4. Siobhan says:

    I was given the most fab Kate Spade bag for my birthday, it certainly eased the pain of a ‘big’ birthday..so I guess you could say that ‘a new bag has medicinal properties’????

  5. Aunty Mod says:

    Someone save me… I just bought a new bag (whispering now because I have to leave behind the bag pictured above)… feel like I’m cheating…

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