Bali, Bali, Bali

This time next week I will be sitting by (or in) the pool, gasping at the heat and excitedly awaiting the arrival of my four sisters, sister in law and three nieces (and the arrival of my Bin Tang and spring rolls, yum)!

I’ve been planning this trip since the middle of last year, reason? I turned 50 in January and we always do a bit of a girls ‘thing’ for our 50th’s. Going to Bali is pushing the benchmark quite far out, but somehow it has come together!

That is of course if you don’t include the fact that none of my ‘party’ is actually traveling with me, it seems we are like the ‘royals’ never traveling on the same aircraft!

Oh and, managing a bit of drama from partners who can’t believe they are not coming too! So; flights booked, passport out, run vacuum over the dusty suitcase, dig out musty summer clothing for washing/ burning (oh dear shopping?), waxing & spray tan appointments (must be rid of blue tinge to skin before I go, so I can try to trick the canny traders into believing I’ve been there for weeks).

Hmmm, now I’m thinking about my last trip to Bali, about 10 years ago. I went with my beautiful friend, Dora. We had both just met the men we would both marry within the next couple of years…aaahhhh!
Reaaaaaaadddddyyyyy lets goooo

Aunty Beads xxx

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  1. Geraldine Colombo says:

    The family that plays together, stays together. I enjoyed your company yesterday, as one who has a lot of wonderful sisters it wonderful to see you coming together and sharing great times and wine. Enjoying the journey, Cheers Geraldine

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