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Shez, Adrian & me

On Friday night I went to La Luna, a fab restaurant in Carlton (Melbourne) with my hubby and friends Shez & Lizard. Chef Adrian Richardson is renowned for his skills and, now I have met him I can tell you first hand, a great bloke too (subtle name dropping).

As we were seated, Lizard mused aloud ‘I wonder if Adrian is making my dinner tonight’, we all laughed thinking the Celebrity Chef would be out on the town on this cold, Winters night. Drinks were ordered, Lizard went to the bathroom, he returned quickly( practically running) eyes-wide, and hissing at us in a high pitched, school girl squeal….’he’s here, he’s here, look, in the kitchen’ and there he was!

Shez refused point-blank to go and have her picture taken with Adrian, which was a bit rude as we all agreed by unanimous vote, that it was her challenge for the evening. With a sigh I applied fresh lippy and headed towards the bathroom, with Shez in tow, just in case (bathroom very close to the kitchen). Embarressingly we could not find the door, until Adrian pointed us in the right direction. We cheekily asked if he would mind being in a photo, and he graciously agreed, inviting us into the kitchen. ‘Kitchen, you???’ I hear you ask, and whilst unusual, I was happy to make an exception just this once.

We chattered awaywith him for the next 10 minutes or so, what a lovely, lovely man. I can’t actually remember what we talked about, just a tad star-struck. The food was superb, aged beef is the specialty of this establishment, but make sure you leave room for desert, yum!

Lots of love

Aunty Beads xxxx

(or is that Aunty Boobs, seriously my ‘rack’ looks massive in that pic)

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