Never let your guide get away…

The story so far….. I turned 50 a few years ago, but have only just recently got around to organising a weekend away (for the milestone birthday) with my sisters. The next sister (Aunty Beads) in line to turn 50 will do so soon, so I had to get something organised promptly. Scoopon popped up in my email and I knew what I wanted – A Rafting Trip! The little yellow blow-up raft hung precariously on the lip of the three meter ‘drop’. Inside were my two older... Read More

Turning that certain age

Well here she is – the 50 year old rafting queen.  Why oh why did I say yes, a moment of madness I should think!  We do love Aunty Darling, and wanted to be a part of her special birthday. Here’s my story about that fateful day. Three rafts, three couples, three guides. And the rapids… Aunty Verve and I (Aunty Lush) took to the yellow raft with partners Peter & Steve.  We were proud (and scared) and led the brigade of yellow rafts over the first rapid... Read More

Be Like Bert

I’ve just returned from a 6 day yoga retreat in Bali – it was bliss. Yoga was held twice a day overlooking the glorious Ubud forests. On our last day we were invited to a ‘farewell ceremony’ where we sat around a flower and candle offering. We were invited to write on a piece of paper something we wanted to ‘let go of’ as part of the ceremony. This paper was then burnt by the flame of the candle and its ashes placed amongst the flowers (to be later released into a... Read More

My little sister in Bali

Those who know her, would describe Aunty Mod as a bit of a ‘go-getter’; seriously, I believe she was born with my share of energy as well as her own. Now Mod is one busy lady and when she arrived in Bali, several days after my own arrival (I needed a rest before she got there), her list of expectations was very long! Some list ‘must do’s’ included; trying lots of different Indonesian food, hot-stone treatment, see traditional dance performance, manicure/pedicure,... Read More

Mum Sayings

"I wonder what the poor people are doing?"
"Did you see anyone you liked better than yourself?"
"I've had that new coat forever."
"Go on, you deserve it."

Yummy Aunties…

We demand more Auntys reveal themselves... Email the Valet...