Knit that…

Someone mentioned knitting?  It’s been the hottest Summer but knitting always seems to be waiting and ready to pounce.  Is it because we crave to quieten the body and the mind after a hectic time, to snuggle up and relax with our mate and enjoy steaming hot cups of chocolate or tea on those long Winter evenings… yet still have the need to be productive, to feel useful and not waste time? I am reknown more for having a go, rather than necessarily fully completing (some)... Read More

First Train From Ratville

The fur of my coat collar tickled my neck as I snuggled into it waiting for the train. The diehards were already here – automatons with coffee (not a judgment, rather the observation of one who has been there – back in the day). The air gathered visibly as I sighed loudly, I could hear the cold. The sun cut a swath through the grey-blue tone of the sky and burst into a loud giggle that hurt my eyes. The train approached, its awesomeness even turning the heads of the... Read More

I’m sorry have we met?

This is what I usually wonder when my husband (of 26 years) Albert hands his Christmas gift to me. For an Italian he gives me the lamest gifts (in true stereotypical fashion you would think he would be great at this stuff), so much so that I now have very low expectations. Worse gift ever? The foot spa (oh yes). It was one of those plug in ones, electricity and water – weren’t we warned about this mix? This gift was for a woman (i.e. me) who hates anything touching her feet,... Read More

How fast can we go?

Don’t stand in the way of a woman and her passions.  I used to look at my mother-in-law and think wow there is always something on for that woman.  She was such fun, easy to get along with and interested in everyone she met, so there were always a number of invites to celebrations or events stuck to the fridge door – 21st, baby showers, the dinner on the MCG celebrating 100 years, Madonna concert – fast she goes! More recently I was thinking how fast life had become... Read More

Flattened Day 1

On my first trip to Bali, first day I headed off with my sister-in-law, daughter and niece to check the retail. First thing we had to do was navigate and weave our way through motor bikes, bicycles, taxis, cars and anything else that could move.  Car horns tooting loudly, motorbikes whizzing past, mini buses dodging everything in sight. We stop at the road edge thinking about crossing it.  Sister-in-law makes a run for it, followed quickly by Neice and Daughter. I stuck on the... Read More

My Night with Elvis

It had been planned for ages. The tickets had been bought months earlier. It had been a popular topic around the dinner table. Yet still I had left the ‘what will I wear’ til the last minute. You know those phases you go through? Wardrobe love, wardrobe hate, wardrobe indifference, the favs, the challenges, the geez why do I still have that? On the night we went to meet Elvis, I decided rock chick was best. It was a look I’d been cultivating. Black jeans, polka dot... Read More

Shoot me… Please

In my wildest dreams who would have thought, that at the tender age of… well a certain age, that I’d be flapping around sorting outfits for a photo shoot? I was delighted to be approached by a gorgeous lady called Lilac, who with her husband Joshua, run their own business Joshua Winterson Photography. Lilac and Joshua have been promoting their business by doing profiles on other local businesses. And, yes they wanted to do a profile on the bitch behind b’itch body oils... Read More

Mum Sayings

"I wonder what the poor people are doing?"
"Did you see anyone you liked better than yourself?"
"I've had that new coat forever."
"Go on, you deserve it."

Yummy Aunties…

We demand more Auntys reveal themselves... Email the Valet...