Aunty how do I spell…

The Aunties met recently for a sojourn in Melbourne. The idea was to gather, chat and have a little drinkie or three over discussions of our next adventure.

Clearly we all find each-other totally hilarious, so the day spun away in tales of ducks, elopements, blobbing, pens with tassles, playshop fraud and spasmodic whippers. An eclectic collection that will all appear in due time here in our The Aunties ezine.

The champagne was popped, glasses clinked and the cone of silence descended when we began our ‘writing June’ time.

Our young nephew (actually cousin 12 times removed but who’s counting) was visiting from the UK. Josh has a french father Dominique who always introduces him as ‘My zon Josh’, thus we call him ‘My zon Josh’.

So ‘our’ zon Josh was writing his travel diary. He looked up from his lappy and asked Aunty Darling ‘How do you spell bustling?’

Our Zon Josh

Aunty Darling looked over her spectacles with a look like the cat who got the cream. Maybe the cat who got the canary (in wrong way round world), or the canary who got the cream…

She looked smug alright!

The other aunties also peeped over the top of their glasses (both champagne and spectacles), but for a totally different reason. They glanced side-ways and length-ways craning their necks to see Aunty Darling’s face. What would she do?

Our zon Josh looked expectantly at Aunty Darling, then returned to his lappy as Aunty Darling said ‘B… U… S…’. Her eyes then flicked up to the other aunties and mouthed ‘what’s next?’

Aunty Mod mouthed back ‘T..’

Aunty Darling roused to high pitched, rather loud ‘T?’

All the aunties nodded in agreement.

You see Aunty Darling’s spelling has long been the stuff of legend.

And now our zon Josh knows, as does the world.



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7 Responses to “Aunty how do I spell…”
  1. Colleen Filippa says:

    Bustling – who would have thought there was a t in it !!

  2. Donna says:

    With the Spelling Bee champion sitting by her side Aunty Darling must have felt the pressure!!!

  3. Erin says:

    I can still hear the silence that descended at the asking of that question…

  4. Siobhan says:


  5. Aunty Lush says:

    I can’t believe he didn’t ask me ??? I am the spelling bee champion you know !

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