Aunty Lessons in Making Up

Whilst teaching the other day, I noticed one of the students in my Year 7 Science class was wearing the most beautiful eye make-up. I called her over and said ‘wow your eyes look fantastic’. She looked at me a little funny and said ‘Most teachers tell me to go wash my face’.

I think I skipped the ‘play with make-up’ years and as a result have hit 50 without any decent make-up and without a clue on how to apply it. Don’t get me wrong – I did give it a red hot go.

I particularly liked to experiment on special occasions when time was limited, the make-up was old and the skills poor. Not a good combination.

So, I decided to step it up and enter the adult world of ‘make-up’.

Having no daughters to show me the way, I took myself off to Myer for a make-up lesson and to purchase some quality cosmetics. One hour and $200 later – I had a neat little package with some eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, make up remover, eyebrow pencil and something called primer.

Now I try to wear a little make-up every day. However there is a down side – I now have to allow another 30 minutes in the morning to apply my make up!  And during the day I often forget that I’ve got eye make up on and rub my eyes. And then, in the evening I need to remove my make-up and do the whole face cleaning thing.

Oh the rigmarole!

Aunty Darling

Aunty Darling Makes Up

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12 Responses to “Aunty Lessons in Making Up”
  1. Erin says:

    You must have been wearing lippy for a few years, I have very clear recollections of the shape of your lipstick, like a lollypop sucked on both sides! Maybe a new light in the bathroom wouldn’t hurt you getting your mascara on straight! Though really I can’t talk, have two main looks, au naturel and drag queen!

  2. Kerry says:

    Oh yes I remember the lipstick too and wondered how the hell she got it that way. We would always compare lippys and mine would wear down on one side and the only way she could get hers like that would be to ‘suck it’. Oh dear lessons definitely required.

  3. Remember, beautiful women don’t need make up and you’re one of them! btw, 21st Century and they still haven’t invented a make up that you don’t have to wash off before going to bed!! I demand they do!
    Just remembered. When I was 17 or less, I was at one of those friendly Amway home presentations.. None of the women there wanted to be a guinea pig, so I volunteered. Took the presenter an hour to carefully pamper my face with some creams and lotions, after which I got a skin rush and she didn’t sell anything.
    Although the times and the country’s changed, but I still eat lots a lemon, honey, apples & oats. Yum! And no lipstick for me, boys somehow take it the wrong way on the street!!

    • Colleen Filippa says:

      Ummm … lemon, honey, apples and oats … I have them all in my cupboard Aldona. Be sure to check out the beautiful the kohl eye liner when in India!!

    • Siobhan says:

      I totally agree Aldona, we can put a man on the moon but can’t go to bed with make-up on! By the way, that list of goodies would also make a lovely mask (sans the lemon)….

  4. Stephen says:

    Wow, you had a make up session at Myers and came out of it for only $200. Do you give shopping lessons?

  5. Kerry says:

    oh gosh I remember some years ago when we were going to a wedding in Ireland. It was the morning of the wedding and the bride asked me to go with them to get their hair done. Now picture this – I have very short hair, which takes about 2 minutes to do – anyway I decided that I would go with them. Ok the hair took about 30 minutes and really didn’t look any different to the way I would do it. Because it was so quick the hairdresser asked if she could do my make-up…. OMG
    Fast foward another 30 minutes and I walked outside to where Stephen was waiting in the car for me and he took one look and couldn’t stop laughing – I asked him what was wrong and he said that I looked like a ‘hooker’ !
    I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe the face that was looking back at me. PIcture this: bright blue eye makeup / black eyeliner / very heavy make-up and dark lippy and of course ‘sparkles’ all over my face….

  6. Pam says:

    Yes, $200 spree at Myers, and you managed to score all those items, well done.

    I too have hit the 50 mark, where some brow and eye line pencil, with some concealer for evening skin tone, and some lippy, does take about 10 years off. What l hate about make up,is having to cleanse it off at night, when l’d rather collapse in bed and forget it.

    • Colleen Filippa says:

      It probably was more than $200 Pam, but I tend to under-exaggerate when talking about how much money I spend on stuff like that. Plus, I always ask for samples and the like.

  7. Siobhan says:

    I guess we all have a make-up horror story….especially the ‘bridal’ variety! I was bridesmaid for my brother’s wedding and even though I had spent a few years on a make-up counter (and can tart up anything), went along for a make-up trial. I looked like a Drag Queen. My brother cracked up when he saw me….cheeky comment was ‘oh, didn’t they have time to do your make-up’ hahahaha. Did the Bride’s make-up and my own on the day!

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