Dear Aunty Lovers

Dear Aunty lovers,

Salutations. It’s the Valet here, with an irresistible invitation.

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The girls are requesting the pleasure of your company at what they are calling ‘Tiddling Tales with The Aunties”.

Between you and me, we know it’s going to be some frivolous fun, however we all need to get in on the act. So prepare to share the tales of your own aunties, if you dare.

Aunties might be by blood or friendship, we aren’t precious – we love them all. Those women you love to love because they love you, for who you are, who dare you to take a risk, who laugh loudly and who occasionally encourage you to dance on tables (for fun not for profit).

No Aunty story? Maybe a party trick?  You know; those special talents only our family and friends could love, demanding we perform at weddings, parties, anything!

The girls started this whole ‘Aunties’ thing wanting to share their adventures, and yours, wanting to reclaim the place of the mad older women in the world. Clearly the girls are in need of some attention…


DRESS: Frock Up
DATE: Saturday 7th September 2013
ARRIVE: 3pm (your special Aunty Lover Leader will lead you to the secret location by 4pm for champagne)
FINALE: 6pm or thereabouts
VENUE: Secret Ballarat City locale
RSVP: September

Once you have RSVP’d you will receive your next instructions.

Tickets are free, limited and exclusive to aunty lovers (subscribe at right of screen).

It’s first-in best-dressed folks…

It is worth noting that the pollies of this country have decided to hold some kind of election on that day, however we won’t let it detract, and may even drop in on the tally room from time to time.

The girls, and I, would really love to see you there, so subscribe, RSVP and think about sharing the adventurous women in your life.

Yours in endless Servitude

The Valet


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16 Responses to “Dear Aunty Lovers”
  1. Aunty Lush says:

    ooooh I’m so excited …
    what does one wear when one ‘frocks’ up ? and bubbles for everyone woo hoo
    looking forward to seeing you there.
    love aunty lush xxxxx

  2. Kerry says:

    Well I’ll be there, just need to think of my party trick 🙂

    • Mollie says:

      Wish I could be there tooooooooo, but I will be thinking of you all in your frocks, my party trick would have been the good old Jive, Irish Style of course taught to my brothers, sisters and me by our funky modern Aunties, *#@!> years ago.

      ‘NO NEED TO SAY’ ….Have a blooming good old time girls.

      Love to all.


      • The Valet says:

        Darling Mollie,

        We are in a state of absolute sadness that you will not be present for the girls party.
        We hope like Hades that you will be able to send us a video message to play on the day.

        Go on, you know you can!

        Love The Valet

      • Donna says:

        Oh Molly are you sure you can’t come? If not you must absolutely send a wee video! That will be a hoot!! We would love a jive, Irish style. My god we did so much of that in Ireland !! xxxxx back to you …

  3. Aunty Lush says:

    Oh dearest Mollie, your presence will be missed, but we will have a wee irish jig on your behalf, might even have an extra bubbles or 3 for you too.

    I’m sure it’ll be the craziest of crazy nights and one we will probably never forget.

    Stay well honey and hope to catch up soon….

    LOL – in our day that means ‘lots of love’

    Aunty Lush xxxxx

  4. Aunty Mod says:

    Okay I’ve been practicing so so hard on my party trick, I can’t tell what it is…

    I am also expecting the other Aunties to join me in my trick, so sharpen those minds and vocal chords –

    it’s on for young and old…

    Love Aunty Mod

  5. Siobhan says:

    Who will be keeping an eye on the sherry intake???

  6. Suffering Stephen says:

    You have to be careful when you suggest we frock up. I am just the type to take that very literally!

  7. Donna Guille says:

    Let the shenanigans begin……!! woo hoo …

  8. Aunty Margaret says:

    Hi all you super aunties- i am goggle eyed at all your adventures! Is it a tea dance and only 3pm to 6pm- curiouser and curiouser! Well the champagne sounds tempting but i cant face 24 hours on a plane so a great big hug to all of you, and your beautiful mum and dashing dad. Auntie Margaret xxx

  9. Aunty Lush says:

    Oh Aunty Margaret, what beautiful comments and we are so sorry you can’t be with us on the day, although you will be in our hearts.

    So it’s about time you made the long haul to Australia so we can spoil you with our Irish/Aussie antics…

    with lots of love from all of us xxxxx

  10. Lyn Ramsay says:

    Hi Aunties,
    I will be delighted to join you on the 7th Sept.
    Looking forward to it.

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