How fast can we go?

Don’t stand in the way of a woman and her passions.  I used to look at my mother-in-law and think wow there is always something on for that woman.  She was such fun, easy to get along with and interested in everyone she met, so there were always a number of invites to celebrations or events stuck to the fridge door – 21st, baby showers, the dinner on the MCG celebrating 100 years, Madonna concert – fast she goes!

More recently I was thinking how fast life had become and smiled when I reflected on communications – one Friday afternoon I sent a text to a friend

me: “pub?”
her: ‘yep’

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  1. Donna Guille says:

    I moved recently to Docklands, and before that sparks a huge debate, there is always something on here! Summer has been fantastic, the easy to access central location means I have loads of visitors (incl requests from o/s) looks like Im on the same crazy ride!! Wouldnt have it any other way! Lets enjoy life……there is so much to do ….

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