It’s a Blurrr…

Aunty Verve here. You won’t see me in many photos.  It’s not necessarily that I don’t want to be in them (mostly), it’s just that when I ask someone else to take one for me, it invariably ends up a blur.

Example one:

I love to travel and on a trip to NZ,  all I wanted was a photo of me at Mitre Peak, Milford Sound. I used to cut out pictures from magazines and travel brochures and put them in my scrapbook of places I loved and wanted to visit someday. Milford Sound was front and centre.

My someday had come and we had trekked over MacKinnon Pass for 5 days. We arrived tired, and elated, at our destination.  A chance for my photo of a lifetime.

It’s difficult to take a bad shot in NZ, it’s so scenic.  I decided to ask a woman who had the flashest camera and longest lens. She had been taking photos non stop for the entire trip.  She must be know her stuff!

I handed over my ‘point and shoot’ Ricoh which had served me brilliantly on the trek. I had some fabulous photos, this is a favourite.

Beautiful NZ

I showed her how to use the camera, which took a bit of time, its so simple!  Several photos later I could tell, without my reading glasses, that they just would not do.  Finally I said that I think this one is OK . The result?

Blurry NZ

I love it anyway, it makes my minds eye picture perfect!

Example Two, Three, ad nauseum…

So many other bblurrrs including ….

Me with Tim Costello. Me with Pat. It goes on and on.

Not too bad though, if you can squint?

Love blurry Aunty Verve.

Verve & Tim

Verve & Pat

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  1. The Valet says:

    You girls had better not point to me as a source of blurry pics of you! It’s all I can do to hold the camera, and your champagne and your blokes and your bags AND take the pic. Love The Valet

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