Messages of Love

The girls would love to share with you the messages that arrived (some in time, some too late), to screen at ‘Tiddling Tales’.

Starting with darling nibling Fagyn and Jordy, to honourary Aunty Walt, Louise and Marita from Bangers (Bangkok), and beautiful cousins Paula and Sarah. Thanks for going to such an effort for The Aunties…


Thanks to you all for taking the time to celebrate with us.

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  1. Siobhan says:

    I particularly like the story about Great Aunty Tim….hilarious

  2. Aunty Lush says:

    I had an absolutely fabulous day, supported by my husband Stephen, son Zach and surrounded by family, siblings, niblings and friends that traveled far and wide. I was very proud to declare myself one of the aunties. One of the stand out moments for me, was watching the big screen, all of a sudden there was Jordy, my daughter who had been overseas for what seemed like an eternity, and my beautiful nibling Fagyn.

    They had sent a video of them both ‘Irish jigging’ around London, in and out of pubs, dancing along the Thames and took us sight seeing to ‘big benji’… it was so funny and beautiful at the same time. Gosh I missed them being with us, but their beautiful film certainly brought a smile to my face. I was so proud, and the aunties had indeed gone ‘international’!

    Well done Aunties! Can we do it again?

    love Aunty Lush

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