Our Aunty Philomenia

Aunty Phil is a funny thing. She has been known to dance on tables, drink a crowd under the table, and more, just usually not at once. Though no one knew until a visit from nibling Fagyn resulted in these pictures of a woman insanely playing the tin whistle while hula hooping….

Aunty Phil Plays Hoop

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  1. Aunty Lush says:

    OMG that is awesome…. Aunty Phil you’re fantastic and I couldnt get the smile off my face…. Now I know why I chose Philomena as my confirmation name – you are a legend.
    Love you…… lots of love aunty lush xxxxxxx

  2. Siobhan says:

    Phil is also quite accomplished at TOE WRESTLING! one summer she had completed a self-defence course and insisted that we all, one by one, attack her…..but we had to pack it in, because we weren’t ‘attacking properly’…..

  3. Aunty Phil joined all the Rosso clan on a camping trip in the French alps this summer and we have a video of her smooching with a Frenchman who keeps shouting ‘i love you Phil”!

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