Shoot me… Please

In my wildest dreams who would have thought, that at the tender age of… well a certain age, that I’d be flapping around sorting outfits for a photo shoot?

I was delighted to be approached by a gorgeous lady called Lilac, who with her husband Joshua, run their own business Joshua Winterson Photography. Lilac and Joshua have been promoting their business by doing profiles on other local businesses. And, yes they wanted to do a profile on the bitch behind b’itch body oils (a side project of Aunty Beads). A date was set.

The night before the ‘shoot’ I heard from my friend, and stylist, Meagan Harding. Meagan was looking for models for a shoot the next day. Now before you think, geez this woman must be hot… everyone in Melbourne wants to ‘shoot’ her. Let me clarify, many would shoot me but not that kind of shoot.

I arose early on the fateful day and quickly demolished my house trying to find the right outfit; you know cool, in a thrown together kind of way. Nothing. I quickly phoned my Aunty Mod, frenzied pic taking and txting ensued. 99% of my ideas were dismissed with laughter and comments like ‘too hippy try hard’. Oh boy, I was in trouble, and being laughed at was stuffing up my Zen frame of mind. Then she said; ‘I don’t know why you didn’t call Meagan’ aaarrrrrrrrghhhh.

Tranquility gone, no clothes, trashed house, seriously could this get any worse?

Finally, I managed to pull myself together to greet Lilac and Joshua (did I mention the shoot was at my house? which I’d just trashed). What an amazing duo. Lilac did the interviewing and Joshua snapped away happily in the background. Two hours, several thousand shots and a cup of tea, it was all done.

>Off I went to my second shoot. Yeah, getting the hang of this model lark! Getting lost wasn’t part of the plan – blood pressure rising again! I can feel stress etching lines on my face quicker than a holiday in the desert. Luckily Meagan was expecting me in the afternoon sometime, and being a stylist; she’s got heaps of clothes and had a make-up artist, Michelle Hoang, doing hair and make-up. So, figured it would all work out right?

When I arrived Meagan’s house was buzzing hub of activity; models in various stages of dress, make-up and having pics taken. Before I knew it, I was dolled up and ‘on’. It was great fun, one minute corporate business woman, the next minute evening vamp. I couldn’t believe how skilled these girls were at changing my look with the stroke of a brush, and a jacket.

I eventually left and dragged my tired arse home, of course getting stuck in traffic, make-up melting and starting to look like Bette Davis in Whatever happened to Baby Jane’. I finally got home, totally exhausted. It is such hard work! I can see why models get paid big bucks, I wouldn’t get out of bed for less than 10K. Well actually I just wouldn’t get out of bed for most things…

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  1. Donna says:

    haha…beauty is not skin deep, its bloody hard work!!

  2. Erin says:

    for you maybe…

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