Turning that certain age

Well here she is – the 50 year old rafting queen.  Why oh why did I say yes, a moment of madness I should think!  We do love Aunty Darling, and wanted to be a part of her special birthday. Here’s my story about that fateful day.

Three rafts, three couples, three guides. And the rapids…

Aunty Verve and I (Aunty Lush) took to the yellow raft with partners Peter & Steve.  We were proud (and scared) and led the brigade of yellow rafts over the first rapid with Ryan our guide, who had a wonderful sense of humour, or so we thought.  Yep we got over that first rapid okay and decided to wait for the fateful journeys from the other rafters. We watched and applauded however we felt rather letdown that no-one had fallen out.

It was decided by the group (except me – they should have listened) that we were good enough to do it again, by ourselves! Challenge that mother of a rapid, without our guide.  Everyone else was having a go, why shouldn’t we ?

We did notice, albeit too late that their guides went with them.  Panic set in – no way can we do this by ourselves, Aunty Verve looked at the fear on my face and said come-on we’ll be okay. Famous last words.

After putting our raft in the water and rowing away from the cliff edge, to get a good run-up to the rapid, we turned around. I knew we were too close.

Partners in the front, Verve and I in the back. We rowed and rowed, yes we were heading in the right direction, raft steady and facing the right way.

Okay good. Not feeling too bad at the moment, although I couldn’t hear the rapids over my heartbeats.

What was happening ?  We were turning. OMG turning around and heading over the rapids backwards.

Screaming, screaming – everything turned black and cold and we hit the water with a thud.

Upon coming up for air I was under the raft and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Verve and I tried to grab the sides.

There was one person left in the raft, Peter, how the hell did he manage to stay in when the three of us were thrown out.

I have never felt so scared, cold and out of control and how we got back in the raft I’ll never know.

Happy bloody 50th Aunty Darling and lets see what mischief we can get into for Aunty Beads next on the birthday list.

Aunty Lush

don't let your guide out_red

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3 Responses to “Turning that certain age”
  1. Siobhan says:

    Oh..I can feel my heart palpitations!

  2. Erin says:

    I love that a certain age is certain only with society. For women that age is one of freedom, independence and dance… lots of it. Never heard of no water rafting challenge!

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