Creating my own moments.

Aunty Darling here. I am at the local outdoor pool at the ungodly* hour of 8.00am. Thanks to the pool’s digital display of time and temperature, I know it is 9 oC but I do believe the wind chill factor has taken it down to -5 oC.

My only company are two fat ducks.

Two Fat Ducks

I’m in training you see for the Lorne Pier to Pub. Aka the P2P, 1.2 km swim that is held at the coastal town of Lorne early January. Another Aunty has thrown her cap into the water. Thank you Aunty Verve for your company in this madness.

verve and darling startBeing a Virgo and an Aunty, I do like to be prepared. Hence the training 3 months out. I figure, if I can swim non stop for 45 minutes in the pool then surely I can make the 25 minute/1.2km swim with 30 minutes up my sleeve. This will hold me in good stead, just in case I get washed out to sea and it takes the lifeguard 15 minutes to spot me. Mind you the wetsuit holds me up like a cork. Couldn’t dunk me if you tried.

colleen at lorne

So, why do the P2P swim? I guess, I’m looking to shake myself out of my middle class/middle age/middle ugh comfort zone. I am not a strong swimmer and the ocean waves scare me witless. The bottom is a long way down and the swell is not so swell. Overall, I have to admit –  in the ocean I swim a little freaked out.

However, I am envisioning the end of the swim – the run up the beach and the beer at the pub! I know I’m going to feel like superwoman. It’s a great feeling and one that I’m happy to chase.

I am creating myself a moment!


Aunty Darling

ungodly* Okay, 8.00am is not so ungodly, but would you agree if you knew it was my day off?




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4 Responses to “Creating my own moments.”
  1. Aunty Mod says:

    I just don’t get water. Its so wet, and the ocean so big, and the wetsuit so tight!!! I do however get that we need to create our own moments, our own adventures, keep on keeping on #fabulously

  2. Kerry says:

    Too many things under that salty water and it’s too late if they see you first. I do love a swim, but I need to see the bottom, hence a swimming pool.

    But I am proud that you are doing this and my claim to fame for 2015 will be the middle-aged woman trying to keep up with the 8km runners for the MDC (Mothers Day Classic). So I have also commenced training, gosh will it get easier do you think ?

  3. Siobhan says:

    Nah, not my thing at all…I don’t do cold water, but to be fair, I wouldn’t do this in warm water either!!
    Good luck 🙂

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