Frock Race

I regularly peruse the Salvo’s shop in North Melbourne, just to kill some time before meeting a couple of gal-pals. Anyway, just before one of Melbourne’s fabulous racing seasons, I was in the above mentioned shop and happened across a cool looking, vintage, navy blue, crepe frock, with a David Jones label. “Great frock for the races” I thought, quickly followed by “I’m not going to the races this season”.

Less than 24 hours later, text from my lovely sister in-law, Danyl. “Would you like to come to Ladies Day Races”? I accepted in a heartbeat.

Damn, should have bought that frock! And started to obsess about whether or not my frock would still be at the Salvo’s by Friday afternoon (several days away). Oh the dilemma; surely it will be there, who will spot the potential of that little frock? Perhaps it did look a little bit daggy on the hanger, or did it? Oh dear!

Friday afternoon loomed, I carefully sidestepped the downside scenarios; maybe it was daggy, it won’t fit, it ISN”T THERE. Still, I found myself sprinting into the op shop.

siobhan frock

There it was, hanging in exactly the same place I’d seen it last… Aaahhh. I quickly whipped it on and wouldn’t you know it? Perfect fit. Yes. Purchase made $14.95, drop off at drycleaners $11.50. Nice work, even if I do say so myself.

the red hatinator

Now, how to accessories a navy frock with white trim, tricky when one’s ‘good stuff’ is mostly black?  Too easy. Aunty Lush! She has an impressive selection of head attire. And reviewing that selection I set my sights on the luscious red hat. Dearest friend Lou Lou donated some lovely red shoes, which perfectly matched my red bag, courtesy of BFF Marita. Outfit sorted.

no, you can't see it yet

Totally delighted with my new frock and accessories, I simply have to seek out an extra couple of race related events to strut my stuff. Not bad for a girl who’s “not going to the races this season”. Bubbles anyone?

bubbles anyone


Facey Comments

4 Responses to “Frock Race”
  1. Siobhan says:

    Dont even get me started on how a tall fascinator makes one behave statuesque….

  2. Aunty Mod says:

    I love that hat thingie, totally fascinating!

  3. Colleen Filippa says:

    One should always take aunty to the races … they do say that it is awfully good luck!

  4. Siobhan says:

    Or not so lucky, if Aunty is photo-bombing complete strangers! Must wear a different fascinator next time hahaha

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