Second Adulthood

Aunty Verve here. I think I am feeling younger. I’m sure of it!

Sure at times more tired and a bit slower to recover, but definitely FEELING younger and with an enthusiasm to match.  A second adulthood.  Is that what happens once you are in your prime?

I always dreamt of living in the city (Melbourne), right in the CBD.  It’s so exciting for me now I’m in it.  It was a little challenging at first having to move from a regional area to the city, downsizing, decluttering…

But now it’s ‘let me at it’. I don’t want to miss a thing.  The shackles are off.

The great thing is that there are others out there like me!  Who would have thought we would be catching up and doing the things we loved again and again – shows, football, bands, races, rock concerts… And all with money!

Living in the CBD is fabulous.  A brand new apartment – with waterviews!   Well it had to be an investment,  new experiences rather than accumulating possessions.

I will probably have no money in 6 months and no accommodation, but for now my second adulthood is a wow of a time while it lasts.

Verve's Veiw

Verve’s View – Come and Join Me!

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4 Responses to “Second Adulthood”
  1. Aunty Mod says:

    Change of life, change of scenery, it’s all ‘as good as a holidee’

  2. Kerry says:

    Partyyyyy time. I can hear the woop woop now. Great digs Donna xx

  3. Siobhan says:

    ooh those bubbles look inviting 🙂

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