Aunty for love.

The other day I was digging about, pretending to spring clean. I found these glorious images drawn by my friend’s little girl. Let’s call the friend Tamara, and let’s call her little girl Davida. The drawings were done when she was five. So she was little then, and she is always likely to be little to me.

Story goes that a few of the girls were visiting Tamara, laughing up a storm, drinking copious cups of tea and downing the odd scone. Tamara is an artist, so paper, pens and paints were in more than adequate supply. Davida decided to create a portrait of each of the girls. She started with her mum of course, a girl’s mum is her mum after all.

mum i love

mum i love by davida (age 5)

Notice the love hearts (hard to miss that many). Tamara was wearing a beret with badges on, and earrings and rings on her fingers. What a joy to see what a little girl notices about her mum.

Bawdie was there too. She got her own portrait.


bawdie by davida (age 5)

Bawdie always had interesting hairdos, bright eyes and shorts, and that’s what Davida saw too. A special love heart too that floats in the air above her.

Aunty Mod was there as well. A portrait to sit or stand for.


erin by davida (age 5)

 Aunty Mod (Erin) stood out with her wide belt, necklace and some weird feathery tiara. A scribble love heart, and glasses front and centre.

And then there was Kaz, always colourful Kaz.


kaz by davida (age 5)

Her flowery shirt, her colours, and love hearts. And I think that might be the artist behind her, looking on appreciatively.

And Fagyn, nibling of The Aunties, and daughter of Aunty Mod, was there too and got so much adoration. There is no greater love than a little girl has for a big little girl.

all you need is love

all you need is love davida fagyn by davida (age 5)

In each portrait the faces all the same size. The eyes are bright. Everyone smiles. Such joy. How warm do you feel looking through the eyes of one who loves you?

All Aunties are created equal. Some of the best Aunties can be found in your immediate circle. And that circle can be made by family, by love, by friendship, by neighbourhood. And occasionally by money, just don’t tell Aunty Lush!

And sometimes it’s important for Aunties to look at themselves through the eyes of nibling (those younger folk in your life that you care about). Love ourselves like they love us. Respect their love.


Aunty Mod

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4 Responses to “Aunty for love.”
  1. Louise says:

    All you need is love X

  2. Utterly adorable and beautiful! Love love love xx

  3. Amanda says:

    I still have my childrens drawings 20 years on. Love to look at the innocent optimism of childhood

  4. kas says:

    Thanks Auntie Mod, oh keeper of all things precious. it really is very special that the heads are the same shape n size – just a few telling accessories to identify difference. It’s taken yonks for me to navigate to a comment but it was always on my mind. Xxxk

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