Knitting Season

Every few years I get an overwhelming urge to knit, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a knitter but I have tackled the odd knitting project. Indeed, one still sits waiting to be finished; it’s all cable and tricky stuff, beautiful Aran wool (bought in Ireland).

Even though the back and sleeves are finished, I can’t bring myself to pick it up because I am scared there is not enough wool to finish the front! Pfft, what’s the rush? It will be genuine vintage by the time it’s done!


A more recent project took several years to complete. For the life of me I cannot figure out HOW I missed the word JACKET in the pattern book, and for the duration thought I was knitting a cardigan.

It looks funny when I put it on… because it’s not a cardigan. It’s a jacket.


Ahh but this year. This year I knit. And, if I’m knitting… first, I must stop biting my nails, which I’ve wanted to do for ages. Bonus, I get something new to wear (or gift to some poor, unsuspecting soul).

My Seven Phases of Knitting:

  • Phase #1: MINDSET; stop biting nails.
  • Phase #2: RESEARCH; peruse lovely knitted things, discover lots of crafty websites for a staggering amount of inspirational items, and free patterns.

Note: Phase #2 can take awhile, which helps enormously with Phase #1. I also remember I have 8 large balls of wool, bought in a sale and tucked into a cupboard. So back to Phase #2: what can I make with the wool on hand?

  • Phase #3: DECISION; I will use re-located wool, and make a wrap. You know, to sort of fling around my shoulders slow motion, glamorous fashion.


  • Phase #4: MATERIALS; purchase new needles.
  • Phase #5: BEGIN; this is it, here we go. I can never wait to see the first few inches, so knit like a woman possessed; fingers aching, eyes stinging… why am I doing this? Stop and check dimensions… arrgghh. Discover if I keep going I will have a square, not a wrap.


  • Phase #6: FRUSTRATION; the only way forward is to unravel it. It happens. Back to Phase #5 BEGIN. Wool is piled up around me on the couch, like a puppy. How can I not love it? Undeterred I start again. It’s looking like a scarf now, not sure I need another… but I can’t stop now.
  • Phase #7: DONE; celebrate. This phase is still quite away off.

Feeling confident now that I’ve pushed through some challenges. You may observe that I am writing a blog, not knitting. But that’s how it goes, and knitting season has only just begun.

I wonder what the other Aunties are knitting this year?

Aunty Beads xxx

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6 Responses to “Knitting Season”
  1. Aunty Mod says:

    I am knitting a scarf which was begun about three years ago after the success of my first piece. I knitted Uncle Mick a footy scarf. I recall finding the pattern, getting needles, and casting on, and I was away.

    Well Aunty Darling popped around and saw me knitting, admittedly a bit unusual. She asked what I was knitting, when I replied a scarf she broke into hysterics.

    “No you’re not” she said, “you’re knitting a blanket.”

    Out it came and she cast on for me. Im just waiting for her to cast me on again and i can get started – again!

  2. Siobhan says:

    If memory serves me correctly, Aunty Darling is a great one for undoing and re-doing her knitting…Lord knows why, I prefer to carry on regardless!

  3. aunty lush says:

    Oh dear ! you’ve brought back so many memories aunty beads. I used to knit before I took up drinking and dancing and can boast about some beautiful jumpers that I knitted for a long lost uncle of the family. Now picture this, pre children I found the most beautiful pattern and yes it was an Aran jumper for a young boy. So off I go to purchase some of the most expensive white wool you’ve ever seen. I’m not going to go on about this, but I started the jumper for my first born – Zach and ‘needless’ to say I’ve only got 1 sleeve to go and my son turns 29 this year. Oops, where did that time go !

  4. Donn says:

    Hahahaha….check the blog on ‘knit that’ TWO years ago…..ok, well I haven’t been back to my treasure trove either! What I really really wanted to do was get some poppies knitted for ANZAC Day and I wanted the Aunties to contribute. A small, poignant project that you give to others. I shall wind you all up for next year! Pattern and instructions coming…

  5. Lynden says:

    Really love the jacket. Just wear it as whatever…. just wear it. It is cold enough!

  6. Phil says:

    The jacket is gorgeous as is the red Aran sweater; do continue with it even if you have to unpick one sleeve to finish the front. You could start a fashion trend of one-sleeved sweaters, à la Edith Piaf. This may be an urban myth though; she is said to have run out of time, wool, money, (all of the above?), whilst knitting a black dress to wear for a forthcoming performance). I’ll bet it’s a case of “any questions asked whilst counting stitches will be answered by louder counting”.

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