Race Bombing

I am now considered somewhat of a phantom owner in the racing fraternity. I don’t own a horse, nor do I lease one but my friends do and I love going to watch.  It’s perfect – no fees, no trainer stories, no bets (not mandatory ones anyway) and all the fun.

My friends are very generous and get ‘owner’ tickets for me, and ‘happy to oblige’ husband Peter, to accompany them.  Off we go into the Moonee Valley members for drinks, then into the owners pavilion for a bite to eat and to watch the Friday night races in perfect weather.

My horse today is ‘It Is Written’. “He has to win again” I whisper to myself. He won last time we were with him at Moonee Valley and has placed other times we have been present. But Moonee Valley is his.

He has to win. He looks beautiful. He looks fit… I feel the pressure!

The race starts, as it unfolds he is 5th on the rails. Will he get out? Can the jockey steer him on?  With a step to the right and jump to the left he is on his way. He ran on with victory in his eyes. He bobs his head and is pushed out. He puts his head down and presses on again. He makes ground slowly, inch by inch, bob by bob, they hit the line.donna and cup

He WINS!!!!  My beautiful horse… my racing record intact. There were screams of elation, kisses and hugs, shouts and tears from all of us ‘owners’!

I was called straight into the winners circle for presentations and photos. Husband Peter (the punters pal) came running up with arching eyebrows, rolling eyes that said ‘What on earth are you doing in there?’

I smiled and blew a kiss over my shoulder, as I was being whisked away into the racing committee room for celebrations and more photos, this time with the cup, more congratulations than I have ever had in my life.

I love my horse, I love being an owner. Even if I’m not!

Love Aunty Verve

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7 Responses to “Race Bombing”
  1. Aunty Mod says:

    Oh Verve, I love your style!

  2. Lyn Ramsay says:

    Hi Verve,
    That is the only way to be involved….. no outlay of money re costs etc. but can join in all the glory and fun!!
    You go girl………
    Well done…
    – Lyn R.

  3. Clint Smith says:

    Outrageous, and very sneaky – getting someone else to take your selfie, could catch on.

    Re those girls peaing under your mattress near the subscription message – not a good look. Suggest get a pot, but skip the selfies.

    Devoted fan
    Clint S

    • Aunty Mod says:

      Now Mr Clint S,

      I’ll have you know the valet wrote about us being peas. I expect you are possibly more attuned to the Valet than we are, given your light duties regarding service!

      The Aunties NEVER take their own selfies, where would be the fun in that? The Valet is ever at our service!

      All my love
      Aunty Mod

  4. Donna says:

    Back to back, gotta love that. Verve is now the official ‘lucky charm’! Til next year !!

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