Aunty Darling and the Snuff Box

It was proving to be the most talked about mission since the Moon Landing of 1969. The Aunties were going to Bright (snow country). It was early winter. The year was 2016. The Valet had gone on holidays, no doubt to escape what was coming next. The planning!

Cue: Aunty Lush newly job free, pumping on being the girls’ trip concierge of choice. Or so they thought.

Txts: 78

Phone calls: 35

Facey convos: 263

Emails: 379

Through all this Aunty Darling and I (Mod) could not be locked in. Would we travel to Lush’s then up the centre to Bight? Would we travel to Melbourne to meet up with Verve and Beads? Would we take our bikes? Who had a bike rack for three? What about yoga mats? Why isn’t there a train all the way? I’d take a train. Might take a plane. But I won’t take a bloody bus. What? How bloody far is it? Why are we going there then?

Scene set then for conversation #457

Aunty Mod: So Darling have we decided how we shall travel to Bright?

Aunty Darling: May I suggest the Fiat? We can share the driving from Rat City to the City with Go and have Lush take over from there!

Aunty Mod: My only stipulation for travel is prioritising comfort and speed. Does the Fiat comply?

Aunty Darling: Absolutely.

Aunty Mod: So it’s not the tin can you were driving last week?

Aunty Darling: Tin Can? Oh no! The Fiat is comfortable, speedy and sporty as well.

It needs to be said here that Aunty Darling and Uncle Darling are well known to go through cars as often as ordinary folk go through cheese. So you will forgive me for not knowing exactly what car she had.

However I trusted she understood my travels requirements. Clearly I was wrong, because Aunty Darling arrived to pick me up one of these…


Fiat 500 source:

And my face looked like this…

Aunty Mod perturbed by Aunty Darling (again)

Aunty Mod perturbed by Aunty Darling (again) by Aunty Mod

Because I thought we might be travelling like this…

Aunty Mod and the Stingray by Michael Gwyther

Aunty Mod and the Stingray by Michael Gwyther

Being the ‘just get on with it’ kind of girl I am, I grabbed my special ‘made just for me by Tamara‘ knee rug and hit the road with Aunty Darling.

Lets hit the road

Knee Rug – Check by Aunty Mod

We drove to Castlemaine and stopped for a coffee at Origini an Aunty Darling and Uncle Darling fave, and so I could sneak in a read…

Origini Read

Alice, Coffee & Atmosphere by Aunty Mod

However word from Lush on the txt was hurry the eff up! Origini though is frequented by the fabulous locals, and we saw our gorgeous friend the fabulous Miss Daisy Amazing and had to stop for a quick chat. Just look at those jazz hands!


The fabulous Miss Daisy by Aunty Mod

It was plain beautiful sailing/driving after that…


Beautiful Sailing if not a little foggy inside! by Aunty Mod

Until we hit Aunty Lush’s. Our feet didnt hit the ground until we and our luggage were in her roadster. She hit the road so hard and fast that I felt car sick within 15 mins. I hadn’t been car sick since I was 10, however Lush has a way of bringing the child out in me! So I got the front seat the rest of the way, even if I was already in the front seat.


Aunty Lush grooves the way. by Aunty Mod

I’m sure the girls will tell you of our adventures in Bright in other posts. The Ukulele sessions, the bike rides and ensuing crashes, the wine, the women, the vignerons, the beer, the Big girls club, the hysterics, the pilates, the dancing, the billiards, the massages, the silly bike guy who didn’t adjust our hire bike seats, the fabulous chefs… and that was just the first day.

Aunty Beads lines up

Aunty Beads Sharks by Aunty Mod

Suffice to say, after a huge weekend, we made it back to Lush’s on the home journey, but the keys to the tin can were missing…

Aunty Lush helps Aunty Darling look for keys. by Aunty Mod

Aunty Lush helps Aunty Darling look for keys. by Aunty Mod

So we found ourselves travelling home in the dark with just ourselves for company.

night road

Night Road by Aunty Mod

With time to chat.

Aunty Mod: So Darling when I said to you ‘it’s not the tin can is it?’, and you said no, did you mean to say yes?

Aunty Darling: No! I meant no! What tin can? This eco cutie is no tin can. Anyway Dad always called it the snuff box so I didn’t know what you were talking about.

Thanks Aunty Darling. No really. Thanks.

I'll have what she's having. by Aunty Mod

I’ll have what she’s having. by Aunty Mod

Love Aunty Mod.

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  1. Donna Guille says:

    The snuff box – so descriptive, so necessary (back in the day) as well as practical, beautiful, effective and efficient, no waste, gets the job done. Actually just like The Aunties!!

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