Stacking It.

Aunty Verve here, on the bounce!

I thought the snow falls were the end of my misadventures! Wrong!

It started as a pleasant bike ride with the Aunties. We were in Bright, Victorian Alpine Country, it was Autumn, perfect weather, perfect fun – or so I thought!

Wandiligong Autumn

We hired bikes for an afternoon ride out to Feathertop Winery.  Lovely ride there, downhill, taking pics, chatting, checking the views! Followed by a wine tasting, a platter of fine cheeses, salmon, trout, bread, dips. Oh and a bottle of Vermentino and some totally unnecessary (for other guests) raucous laughter.

We knew we had a 10k ride back to town, slightly uphill so we pushed off.


So all the Aunties whooshed along the bike path racing for home. As we rounded a bend, a narrow bridge materialised.  Three of my sisters had already ridden over and had disappeared in the distance.  My turn.  I braked slowly and deliberately coming down onto the bridge

My mind wandered to my father-in-law who, at 78, had recently fallen off his bike, ironically after visiting a winery!  Apparently he had tried to navigate a narrow bridge and ended up fracturing a rib. How can that happen on an easy bike ride?

I pushed down on the pedals as I hit the bridge to gather speed. Uh-oh. My feet were free wheeling, the gears were not engaged, zero traction. I wobbled along the bridge to the very end when my handlebars caught in the bridge railing, hard left. I was thrown into the bridge then onto my right side. I ended up with the bike on top of my legs, with Aunty Lush looking over me, trying desperately not to laugh!


The outcome – right elbow scrapes and bruises aplenty. Ok, not too bad a result. I hadn’t ridden since I was about 12. Never be beaten, bounce back.


So my sisters talked me into getting my own bike! Please welcome Merida, isn’t she beautiful! Thanks to Bikeforce Docklands – there is no doubt I will be a repeat customer… particularly if there are more stacks!

Love a bruised Aunty Verve.

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