Sunday Mass with Mother

Queen Mary & Aunty Daarling

Queen Mary and Aunty Darling bless all the apron wearers. Image by Aunty Mod

Our mother goes to mass every Sunday, and twice a year I (Aunty Darling) join her at her local church. You know – just to keep my options open.

Easter and Xmas are the big ones. These masses always go forever and Easter Sunday was no exception (clocked it at 1 and ½ hours). To help the time pass, I do little mediation, breath deeply and enjoy the ambience*.

Mum always gives me coins for the collection plate and I find her the correct page for the hymn. The wood on the pew in front of me was so soft that I could scratch it with my fingernail (tempting), the incense was rather intense (!) and the hallelujahs reverberated beautifully.

Then …  the priest said something interesting that made me prick up my ears and put a halt to my meditation.

He was talking about how the women who discovered Jesus’ body was missing from the cave were not initially believed by their community. It was only after the men went to have a look that the message (that Jesus had arisen) was accepted.

The women were dismissed outright and their message not validated until some blokes said – ‘yep that’s right’. Women had a really rough time in those days. I guess history is called HIStory for a reason. But with the advent (good Easter word) of social media, many women may have found their voice plus a whole new audience.

And they don’t need anyone to validate what they are saying.

God bless social media.


Aunty Darling

*Ambience vs Ambiance


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