On Being Gracious

On Being Gracious. Full stop. Permanent marker. No returns.

The latest Aunties adventure began as it usually does… six weeks after the previous, eight months since the last, or tomorrow? There remains no plan or routine, just whenever we begin to feel desperately apart. It can strike, or not strike, at any time.

It possibly begins with a snarky text ‘when am I going to see you?’; a snotty email ‘why wasn’t I invited to that’; a hurried call ‘where are you going to be in five minutes?’; or a nagging dragging feeling in the heart.

Once all sisters agree talk turns to where shall we go. It can involved venue, dates, times or passions. Or all of that. Shall we revisit Dark Mofo? More wineries? No cash baby, wanna come to mine? Swirling like wind-tunnels a decision is made. Wherever it is it will be perfect.

How are we getting there… Some by car, some by train, some the night before, some want to fly in then out, some need to train then car. And then some change their mind. And some change it back. I’m told to be gracious. There is a full stop after the text.


Then sleeping arrangements. This is a parallel discussion. There may or may not be sharing, how do you want to play it? I need a single. I need a double for one. I need a queen for two. No one needs the king.

The talking never stops, because when it does we know it means trouble.

All Aunties arrive before Aunty Lush. Fear in their eyes. The talking stops. Then starts again. What should we be doing when she arrives? What will she expect? Should we do the expected, or the unexpected?

Aunty Lush arrives before we have decided, and she hustles out the door to walk into the sunshine ’til evening. A pub will be involved!

We totally love each other. We really really really do! And we push each other and we hassle each other and we make each other laugh until we cry. And we put full stops after sentences to make a point!

Sisters! You got one? Want mine?

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"I wonder what the poor people are doing?"
"Did you see anyone you liked better than yourself?"
"I've had that new coat forever."
"Go on, you deserve it."

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