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Profile: Making aromatherapy blends for my family and friends is one of my favorite things. I gravitate towards citrus oils as they uplift me instantly. Being a bit of a wanna-be hippy I love all things aromatherapy: historical stories, color, smells, potions, healing qualities all wrapped up with a bit of magic zing to create blends. Keeping life balanced and 'real' becomes more and more difficult in this busy day and age. The art of blending is an outlet for me to be able to nurture, soothe and protect others. My business, creative and intuitive skills compliment the Aunties talent bank! Well, at least we will all smell good.

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Mum Sayings

"I wonder what the poor people are doing?"
"Did you see anyone you liked better than yourself?"
"I've had that new coat forever."
"Go on, you deserve it."

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