On Being Gracious

On Being Gracious. Full stop. Permanent marker. No returns. The latest Aunties adventure began as it usually does… six weeks after the previous, eight months since the last, or tomorrow? There remains no plan or routine, just whenever we begin to feel desperately apart. It can strike, or not strike, at any time. It possibly […]

The Caddie

I was going through some old photos and came across this one of our dad. The patriarch, the one in charge (or so he liked to think) and our caddie for the day. Quick family game of golf? Is there any such thing? Usually golf is a strange game of numbers and no photos. What […]

Literally Nude. Figuratively Naked.

Tonight I am taking off all my clothes.   And dancing nude.   In public.   *wallpaper muzak aka thinking music.   Shall I clarify? Aunty Mod here. The other Aunties are not, at this stage, naked. But I’m working on them! Currently I feel confronted by the fragility of health, the shortness of life, the […]

Aunty Darling and the Snuff Box

It was proving to be the most talked about mission since the Moon Landing of 1969. The Aunties were going to Bright (snow country). It was early winter. The year was 2016. The Valet had gone on holidays, no doubt to escape what was coming next. The planning! Cue: Aunty Lush newly job free, pumping […]

Stacking It.

Wandiligong Autumn

Aunty Verve here, on the bounce! I thought the snow falls were the end of my misadventures! Wrong! It started as a pleasant bike ride with the Aunties. We were in Bright, Victorian Alpine Country, it was Autumn, perfect weather, perfect fun – or so I thought! We hired bikes for an afternoon ride out to […]

Intermediate beginner

This year on the snow I was like a giraffe at an ice rink.  That’s no big surprise probably, however this year my falls were spectacular. It started when the ski shop assistant asked ‘Would you be intermediate skiers?’ Aunty Beads and I looked at each other searchingly, then back to the assistant blankly.  He […]

Mary & Ben

The girls have been very quiet for a bit, you see we have lost the elders of our mob, and the girls are heartbroken. Aunty Joan steps up to tell a tale about Mary and Ben, the grand royalty of The Aunties. Thanks Aunty Joan. Love the Valet. I was ten when I met Mary and […]

Sunday Mass with Mother

Our mother goes to mass every Sunday, and twice a year I (Aunty Darling) join her at her local church. You know – just to keep my options open. Easter and Xmas are the big ones. These masses always go forever and Easter Sunday was no exception (clocked it at 1 and ½ hours). To […]

Talking to a machine.

Aunty Verve here: I’m talking to a machine! Yes, really. Actually it was worse than that! I was texting to a machine!! So excited about getting my Collingwood membership card I responded to an auto email from my phone! After the ‘fab’ response I even added Go Pies. Lucky it was rejected and I quickly […]

Knitting Season

Every few years I get an overwhelming urge to knit, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a knitter but I have tackled the odd knitting project. Indeed, one still sits waiting to be finished; it’s all cable and tricky stuff, beautiful Aran wool (bought in Ireland). Even though the back and sleeves are finished, I can’t […]

Mum Sayings

"I wonder what the poor people are doing?"
"Did you see anyone you liked better than yourself?"
"I've had that new coat forever."
"Go on, you deserve it."

Yummy Aunties…

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