Aunty Lush asks a favour

This was sent to me from the long-suffering Uncle Stephen, the ever patient Aunty Lush hubby. And since Lush is abraod currently I thought it safe to post. May the goddess keep us safe from her. Love The Valet. “It’s gotta be one of the most unusual SMS requests I have had ( and get […]

A list of lists

Those who know me even slightly know that I’m a list maker. And those that know me better know that my lists can be found all over the place. On the margins of the newspaper, on the backs of envelopes. Yes, I love to make lists, and I do believe that I was the first […]

Shoot me… Please

In my wildest dreams who would have thought, that at the tender age of… well a certain age, that I’d be flapping around sorting outfits for a photo shoot? I was delighted to be approached by a gorgeous lady called Lilac, who with her husband Joshua, run their own business Joshua Winterson Photography. Lilac and […]

Procrastinators Unite

It took a month of hard work but it was worth it. THE AUDIT – National compliance for a national service, no getting around it. How I stopped worrying and learned to love the audit… The house was cleaned within an inch of its life; Those damnable blackberries, once the bane of my life, were […]

The Deadly Sins of Networking

Deadly Sins of Networking # 1 You may have skipped lunch knowing that the meeting is at 5.00pm and from memory it is always well catered. Perfect you can fill up there! Noooo. You simply do not have enough hands to be holding onto your business cards, glass of red wine and four sushi rolls. […]

Mum Sayings

"I wonder what the poor people are doing?"
"Did you see anyone you liked better than yourself?"
"I've had that new coat forever."
"Go on, you deserve it."

Yummy Aunties…

We demand more Auntys reveal themselves... Email the Valet...