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This is The Aunties playshop, you remember dragging everything out of mum’s cupboards and setting up a shop outside, and then selling it all back to her until we got bored? Well we just grabbed a couple this time, things she loved, things we love, eclectic, random, travel inspired…

When you click to buy a special little something a new window will open to your Shopping Basket at Paypal called ‘Cailleacha’. Yep that’s us, means Irish hags!! Leave this new window open while you shop and it will be populated with your purchases, just like a real shop. Postage is $10 flat fee under 10kgs. To check your Shopping Basket head to the end of this page…

Pens to Die For…

“She was surprised by the intense desire to touch. The allure lay in it’s long sleek shiny shape. It was irresistible. She wasn’t disappointed when she picked it up. It was sheer quality, a perfect weight, it gave her hand strength and commanded attention. They would be together a long time, close, companionable. It allows her to express her innermost thoughts, not for the world to see, just her. It records her travels and adventures, she would never give it up. She would prefer to die first.”

Pictured left to right. Prices inc GST:

  • Metal Fleur De Lys
  • Metal Silver Black Woven
  • Metal Silver Woven
  • Metal with Crystal Flair
  • Thin Metal polka dot (not pictured)


Journal, Diary, Ideas book…

“I was first introduced to the notebook whilst on holidays. We left the shores of Australia and set off cruising from Seattle to Alaska.  How was I going to remember our adventures, photos yes that’s good but I wanted our thoughts and feelings from the moment and this was when the notebook appeared. It became our daily ritual each night to write about our adventures and now some 3 years later we take turns in reading to each other and remembering our beautiful holiday.”

Handbag size journal 90 x 150mm with ribbon page marker, closure band, 185 acid free pages. Comes with pen loop. Prices inc GST.


 Have you got a hankie?

“The air was thick with meaning, eyes ablaze across the wooden bar separating the men, as they slowly stood face-to-face, toe-to-toe. Suddenly between them a movement, a flutter, a breath. They both looked up to see a beautiful white handkerchief with finely embroidered corner moving like a butterfly above their heads. It landed gracefully on the table as both men turned to look at Alice, her beauty held them entranced as she uttered the words that would bind them in brotherhood forever “Whose shout?”

Beautiful old school cotton hankies, Caruso Design pictured. Prices inc GST.


 Spectacular Specs… for play then work…

 “As she walked down the dusty train corridor the filtered evening light struggled to find its way through the high set windows, the atmosphere was heavy and oppressive. She found it difficult to distinguish the brass numbers above the carriage doors but was reluctant to fumble in her bag for her reading glasses…”

Red Quilt Glasses Case and Cloth $22.95 (inc GST)

“However it couldn’t be helped, she dragged it from her bag, glorious, but that one held her sunnies, no good here in the train, but everything was coming up daisies…”

Daisies Glasses Case and Cloth $22.95 (inc GST)

“She put down her bags, balanced her umbrella, newspaper and went searching in her large handbag. She found what she was looking for – her beautiful peacock glasses case. It was worth the effort after all!”

Peacock Glasses Case and Cloth
$22.95 (inc GST)



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