The Caddie

I was going through some old photos and came across this one of our dad. The patriarch, the one in charge (or so he liked to think) and our caddie for the day. Quick family game of golf? Is there any such thing? Usually golf is a strange game of numbers and no photos. What game gets talked about as much as this one? Especially the 19th? This photo tells a story. What do you think our dad is saying?  Read More


Beautiful course, hilly terrain, ocean views – the only thing required now is to get ‘into the zone’ and play well.  Sounds easy doesn’t it?  yes easy to say, easy to think, but one of the hardest things to achieve. I am one of those golfers that love to look the part! Clothes, gloves, bag, club covers, clubs, socks! But looks aren’t everything when you head to the 1st tee. You can feel the anxiety and tension... Read More

Mum Sayings

"I wonder what the poor people are doing?"
"Did you see anyone you liked better than yourself?"
"I've had that new coat forever."
"Go on, you deserve it."

Yummy Aunties…

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