Sunday Mornings

Don’t you just love the weekends – especially Sunday mornings.  Picture this: yummy cooked brekky, reading the papers, second cup of brewed coffee and still in my pink silk PJs – and yet it’s still only 11am.  Love it!

Not one to ‘waste’ a second, time for a shower and pop the lippy on and ready for the day, no plans really… just wondering what the day might bring, then the doorbell rings – now who could that be???

Long suffering Steve answers the door and the visitors words rush on the air towards me…
“Hi Love, how are you and where’s Kezablanca?”

SHIT… now I know we’re in trouble – it’s Merri & Kevin 07, much loved too much time on their hands friends… I wander to the kitchen where they are ensconced…? “Kev, would you like a beer?”

Stupid question, Crownies all round…  then

“Out for lunch?”

I take one look at Steve and of course it’s a ‘yes’ from me and a ‘yes’ from him….  (cue: jaws music).  Dishes on the bench, oh that can wait – washing in the machine – I’ll do that later.

So off to the Bridge Hotel for lunch, beautiful day, great company, fine wines and excellent food. Samuel is a singer songwriter from Tasmania and is currently touring the ‘mainland’ and plays for us.  He plays guitar, mouth organ and sings his own songs. He is such a lovely young man and of course we were smitten by his smile and genuine interest in ‘hangin’ out with us. I suppose that’s because it was the middle of the afternoon and we were the only ones dancing – funny about that! Check him out on his website.

I bought a CD for 20 bucks, great value. We did get home finally about 12 hours later – dishes still on the bench and washing in the machine  – gosh is it really Monday tomorrow – what happened to our lazy Sunday morning? Tired now.


Aunty Lush

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2 Responses to “Sunday Mornings”
  1. Kerry says:

    sounds like you had a fabulous day ! what lovely friends you’ve got and better still they now live in Bendigo !

  2. Aunty Verve says:

    Oh my god – YOU’RE tired …..we have to play with you!!!

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